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Let’s tidy your space!

“Tidying is the act of confronting yourself;
cleaning is the act of confronting nature.”

            – Marie Kondo

You want to organize your life.
That’s Where I come In!

I offer the KonMari Method of Tidying, acting as your Consultant, guiding you through the process. I also offer general decluttering help and systems implementation alongside you, the Client.

You’ve been wanting to “Kondo” your life but just haven’t been able to start for one reason or another?

You love the KonMari Method, you jumped in and got started, but hit a speed bump and could use a hand getting back on track?

You’re looking for an understanding, nonjudgmental person to guide you through the KonMari Method, made famous by Japan’s Marie Kondo?

If you’re ready, I’d love to hear from you and we can set up an Initial Consultation.

If you’re interested but not quite sure, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer your questions to smooth the way to you finding the JOY of “Tidying Up!”


“Have nothing in your houses that you do not
know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

            – William Morris

Clear Air Organizing - Organized closet
Professional Organizer Lara Rice

Hi! I’m Lara

I am a KonMari Consultant in Training. I trained in New York under the gentle and inspiring guidance of Marie Kondo.

I am also a member in good standing of the POC, Professional Organizers in Canada.

Professional Organizers in Canada

My background is varied; I home-schooled my children for 10 years. Then I went to pharmacy school in 2008. I then sought out a change of career in 2016 – pursuing my long standing interest in helping people with household decluttering and organizing.

What you want to keep or discard is subjective; it really is about what you want your life to be. My job is to guide you through the decision-making process, helping you to understand which items Spark Joy for you as you transition to your New Life.

It is my pleasure and honour to work with individuals, guiding them through their Tidying Journey.

Let’s begin your tidying festival!

Household systems all come down to a matter of ‘flow’ and ‘draw.’

            – Lara Rice, Clear Air Organizing

• KonMari Tidying
• Virtual Coaching
• Virtual Tidying
• Decluttering
• Residential Paper Flow and Filing
• Residential Organizing General, Kitchen, Closets
• Residential Garage Sales
• Memorabilia and Photographs
• Residential Systems Implementation
• Residential Downsizing

If you’re ready, I’d love to hear from you and we can set up an Initial Consultation.

Let's begin

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Organizing Packages

I offer Sessions in your home In-Person, or Virtually via Zoom. I travel throughout Lanark County, Perth, Kemptville, Smiths Falls, Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley, and the greater Ottawa region.

I charge $65 per hour and offer 3 hour In-Person Sessions and 1 hour Virtual Sessions.

All Packages include the Initial Consultation, which lasts about 20 minutes, where I come to your home and we discuss your Goals, the Timeline, and your New Future!

Please give me 48 hours notice if you need to Cancel. I will work with you if you need to Reschedule.

Some people need more Sessions, some need fewer Sessions. I am willing to Customize and make the Packages work for you.

Pre-planned packages include:

Joy Check 

This Package allows us to ‘touch base,’ work on one specific Category, or for one or two Sessions as you work through your Tidying Festival. This is a gentle nudge or a fine tune. This option also works well for people whose schedule dictates that they stop and start in this process. Or this may be a good option for you if you simply want to work together for a few hours.

(1 three hour session)


UPLIft Package:

This Package gives you 15 hours (5 three hour Sessions) with me, which could be used as one Session per Category (5 Categories in total), and you may purchase more as you need them. Some Clients enjoy this Package if they want their Consultant to give guidance now and again or at the beginning of each new Category, in the case of the Client doing the Tidying primarily on their own.

(5 three hour sessions)


Complete tidying festival

This Package is the Ultimate Package. This gives you 45 hours with me, which amounts to about 3 Sessions per Category, with the option to purchase more as you need. In this Package I will work alongside you, guiding and encouraging as you embark on your Tidying Festival.

(15 three hour sessions)



This option is most useful for you if you are working through the KonMari Method on your own, and/or if you would benefit from a caring person to encourage and guide you as you set up your Goals. It’s also a great option if you have completed your Tidying Festival and would like a bit of a helping hand while retouching on your Practice of living with Joy. I will help you set Goals, talk you through setting up Systems, give suggestions, and help you Prioritize your Tidying and Decluttering efforts, as well as putting the finishing touches on your beautiful New Life.

(3 – ONE hour sessions)



This is the option for you if you want to simply declutter without using the KonMari Method. Declutter Buddy comes in the same three packages ($195, $930, & $2610) including an Initial Consultation for Goal Setting. I will declutter alongside you (not necessarily in the KonMari style) and at a pace, and in the order which best suits Your Needs.

(three hour sessions, or one hour Virtual Sessions via ZOOM)



We will begin with an Initial Consultation, during which I meet with you in your home and we assess your Goals and we create our Approach Plan together.

All First Sessions will begin with an Ideal Life Visualization, and a House Greeting. These two components are in keeping with the KonMari Method and set the tone for a Purposeful and Respectful Tidying Festival.

Recent projects

Professionally Organized Kitchen Cupboard
Dresser drawer professionally organized
Professionally Organized Living Room
Clear Air Organizing - Organized closet
Dresser Drawers Professionally Organized

Happy Clients

Lara Rice Professional Organized Drawer

” I am a chronically messy person. My clothes are folded, but stacked rather than put away. Lara made it easy for me to cull the items that I liked least, and put away the ones that I loved. She is gentle, patient, but persistent without being pushy. She knows when it’s time to take a break for a drink of water, too.

Lara will be coming back to help me continue the editing process. My collections will remain, but in a smaller, more meaningful form. I will gain more control and more space.”

Susan Lorden, Nepean
Dresser Drawers Professionally Organized
Helping someone reorganize their stuff requires encouragement, calmness, and trust. Lara really helped me get things back in order, and I never felt my privacy being invaded either. I have a place for things (especially “Paper”), and I can see them at a glance. Her concept of “Draw & Flow” is GREAT! That idea will KEEP me organized … well into the future!

Graeme, Manotick
Clear Air Organizing Bedroom
“I have tried many different systems to try to organize my home only to feel overwhelmed and defeated. Since working with Lara, I truly feel I am making progress and most importantly, developing habits that stick! Lara had me sort through my things one item at a time. I kept what sparked joy and released with thanks, what no longer served me. It’s that simple! Occasionally I have been stuck on an item, but with Lara’s help I have been able to make a decision following personal criteria and been able to feel good about it! None of the panic or guilt regardless of me keeping the item or releasing it! Lara is kind, encouraging, and never makes me feel pressured; we go at my pace! With each session, I am optimistic that I will achieve having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place, thanks to Lara!”

Cheryl Andrew, Bayshore
It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s get organized!

Professional Organizers in Canada